Supermax Opencart POS Register And Cash Management

With the help of the Supermax Point of Sale Register And Cash Management extension pos user can open a daily register with opening cash drawer amount and record all the transactions of the shop. Pos users can close the register by end of the day of his shop and check the difference of the cash drawer balance as well as all types of payments transactions.

Supermax Point of sale Register And Cash Management extension is an add-on of Supermax Opencart Point of Sale (POS). To use this module you must have to install Supermax Opencart Point of Sale (POS).


  • Allow to open a register with opening cash drawer balance to start the sale.
  • Allow to record all cash and petty cash in and out transactions with the transaction note.
  • Pos Users can take the printout for previous register closure details.
  • If pos multi-user add-on is integrated then every pos user will have to open his own register and record the transaction.
  • Pos Users can see register open and close date and time.
  • pos Users can calculate the amount that differs from the expected amount of the sale.
  • Admin can check every pos register's transactions at the backend.
  • Xls import register transactions for admin.

Support is provided from Monday to Friday only.

Please always provide a detailed problem description with admin access to the store and FTP.
All 3 points in the same order:

  1. Store
    • URL
    • login
    • password
  2. FTP Account
    • host
    • username
    • password
  3. Detailed problem description

Remember to backup files and database before, because sometimes some settings can be changed. After backup please don’t change anything in store.

Extension support includes:

  • Availability of the agent to answer questions only extension related
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues

However, Extension support does not include

  • Free Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Updation Services
  • web hosting or server configuration/services

NOTE- In order to fix your issues we will need your web store admin + FTP credentials. Once we finish up the work you can change your credentials. Supermax POS terminal source code will not be provided and Supermax POS terminal build will be provided respective to opencart installed website, after the purchase. Please share your opencart installed website link to [email protected], to get the terminal build. A sub-domain must be used to placing the POS terminal build to avoid domain storage and cache. Sub-domain must have https enabled if opencart installed store has https enabled.

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